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Kitchener Kitchen Exhaust
Hood Filters

A commercial kitchen exhaust filter is designed to remove grease, smoke, and other contaminants from a commercial kitchen exhaust. The filter captures these contaminants on a series of filter media, typically made of metal or synthetic fibres. The contaminants adhere to the filter media as the exhaust air passes through it and are subsequently removed when the filter is cleaned or replaced.

Some commercial kitchen exhaust filters also have additional features, such as fire suppression systems or UV lamps, to help reduce the risk of kitchen fires and improve air quality. When selecting a kitchen exhaust hood filter, consider the hood type, the type of filter material best suited for your kitchen environment, and any additional features you may require. It’s also important to do regular maintenance on your filters to ensure they remain effective and operational.

Kitchener Hood Cleaning is the leading commercial kitchen exhaust hood filter cleaning and maintenance services provider. Our technicians are certified to safely clean, inspect, test, and maintain your hood filters to ensure they remain in peak condition and meet all local fire safety standards.

Aside from our services for traditional hood filters, we also provide installation services for specialized air purification systems, such as UV, ozone, and other advanced solutions. We also provide hood cleaning services to ensure your exhaust fans are free of grease and grime.

For more information about our kitchen exhaust hood filter services or to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, contact Kitchener Hood Cleaning at your most convenient time.


Schedule A Hood Filter Cleaning in Kitchener ON

Some signs indicate an immediate hood filter cleaning in your Kitchener ON restaurant:

Grease and smoke buildup in the kitchen

• Poor air quality due to heavy grease particles in the air

• Excessive heat or fire risk due to clogged filters

• Unusual odours coming from your kitchen exhaust fan

As soon as you notice any of these signs, it’s time to contact Kitchener Hood Cleaning for an immediate filter cleaning. Our technicians are certified and experienced and follow the highest safety standards while performing our services. We specialize in commercial kitchen exhaust hood filter cleaning and installation and maintenance services for specialized air purification systems such as UV and ozone.

Once you call us to inquire about our services, we will provide you with a free quote and schedule an appointment at your convenience. We can also help you with related services, such as hood cleaning to ensure your exhaust fan rids itself with grease and grime.

For more information about Kitchener Hood Cleaning’s range of kitchen exhaust hood filter services or to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you improve your Kitchener ON establishment’s air quality and safety.


Hood Filter Replacement from Kitchener Hood Cleaning

Hood filters designed for commercial kitchen exhaust systems are meant to be replaced at a certain interval. Replacing kitchen exhaust hood filters regularly will help keep your Kitchener ON establishment free of contaminants while preventing fires and improving air quality.

You want a professional such as Kitchener Hood Cleaning to replace your hood filters to ensure they are fitted correctly and follow the local fire safety regulations. Our technicians have been trained on today’s best filter replacement and installation practices and specialized air purification systems.

We offer free quotes for all our services, including kitchen exhaust hood filter replacements. Once you contact us, we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote.

To give you a preview of how hood filter replacement is done, here are the typical steps:

An inspection of your exhaust system

• Removing the existing filters

• Cleaning the hood if necessary

• Installing new filters as per local fire safety regulations

• Testing and inspecting the new filter to ensure they are functional and safe.

Should you require additional information about our services or to book an appointment, contact Kitchener Hood Cleaning right away.



Our Fully Trained Service Technicians Follow The NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association) Standards for Hood & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.

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Hood Filters Service Kitchener

Commercial kitchen hood filters may be cleaned, fixed, or replaced. Here at Kitchener Hood Cleaning, we do everything related to the hood filters, including:

Filter cleaning

• Filter replacement

• Installation of specialized air purification systems

• Hood cleaning services to ensure your exhaust fans are free from grease and grime

We also provide a one-stop shop for all your kitchen hood filter needs. We have years of experience in the industry and know how to handle your Kitchener ON establishment’s exhaust system.

Our most important advantage of working with us is that you will receive an accurate and honest estimate. And even if you don’t feel like taking our services, you can still receive helpful advice without any pressure. You don’t get that kind of hospitality and transparency everywhere else.

We are available 24/7 and provide emergency services if needed. Contact us today to inquire further about our hood filter service in Kitchener, ON, or to book an appointment.


Cleaning Hood Filters
in Kitchener

When cleaning hood filters, our qualified technicians undergo an intricate process to remove all contaminants. We use a state-of-the-art degreasing and cleaning system that is safe for the environment and effective at removing grease, dirt, smoke, and other particles from your Kitchener ON establishment’s exhaust hood filters.

We also take additional steps to clean them before they get reinstalled in your system properly. During the cleaning process, we also inspect and replace any worn-out parts. Afterward, the filters are tested to make sure they’re working properly.

Replacing worn-out parts is crucial, and the failure to do so will lead to poor air quality in the kitchen, increased risk of fire, and further damage to the system.


Range Hood Filters

There are several types of hood filters used in commercial kitchen exhaust systems:

Mesh filters: These are made of metal mesh and are used to remove larger particles from the exhaust air. They are cheap and convenient to clean, but they do not offer a high level of filtration and must be replaced regularly.

Grease filters: These are made of metal or fibreglass and are designed to remove grease from the exhaust air. They are typically more expensive than mesh filters and must be cleaned or replaced more frequently.

Carbon filters: These filters contain activated carbon, a highly porous material that can absorb odours and gases. They effectively remove smoke, grease, and odours from the exhaust air but must be replaced regularly.

Charcoal filters: These are made of charcoal and designed to absorb odours from cooking. They can be used with other filters but must be replaced regularly due to their limited lifespan.

UV filters: These filters use UV light to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that may be present in the exhaust air. They effectively reduce the risk of kitchen fires caused by grease build-up, but they are relatively expensive and must be replaced regularly.

Electrostatic filters: These filters use an electrostatic charge to attract and filter particles from the exhaust air. They effectively remove many contaminants, including grease, smoke, and odours, but they are relatively expensive and must be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Whatever the type of filter, we at Kitchener Hood Cleaning will handle the cleaning, maintenance, and replacement without discrimination. Every team member is trained to use the latest cleaning and maintenance techniques, so you can count on us to provide high-quality services.


Air Purification Systems

We also install air purification systems that use special technology to reduce smoke, grease, odours, and airborne contaminants in the kitchen. These systems are designed to improve air quality in the kitchen while reducing the risk of fire and other hazards.

Your commercial kitchen or food establishment in Kitchener, ON, will benefit from an air purification system in the following ways:

1. Reduced risk of fire from grease build-up

2. Improved air quality in the kitchen

3. Reduced risks associated with airborne contaminants such as food particles, smoke, and odours

4. Improved worker safety due to less exposure to pollutants

5. Longer equipment life due to reduced wear and tear from grease and smoke

If you hope to achieve these benefits, contact us at Kitchener Hood Cleaning for a consultation. We will be happy to assess your current kitchen exhaust system and recommend the best air purification solutions.


Charcoal Filters for
Range Hood

There’s a sensible reason why we highly recommend charcoal filters for range hoods. Charcoal is an excellent material due to its absorption capacity and ability to trap grease, smoke, and odours in the exhaust air.

Charcoal filters are often used in commercial range hoods because they effectively remove odours and contaminants from the air. They can do this because charcoal is highly absorbent and can effectively trap and filter out many substances.

Charcoal filters are also relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, which makes them a practical choice for use in a commercial kitchen setting. Additionally, charcoal filters do not produce any ozone, a gas that can harm humans, so they are a safer option than other air filters.


Replace Hood Filters Kitchener

If you decide to have your restaurant kitchen hood filter replaced by us, here’s how the process goes:

The first step is to identify the filters used in your kitchen hood, which we can do quickly and accurately. We’ll then remove the old filter and install the new one, ensuring a tight seal for optimal performance.

Sometimes, we may need to access the motor assembly and clean it to ensure optimal airflow. We’ll also check all the range hood components, such as the fan blades, dampers, and other parts, to ensure everything is operating properly.

Finally, we’ll test the new filter by running a smoke test or measuring airflows in the kitchen exhaust system.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to replace your kitchen hood filters in Kitchener, ON, contact us at Kitchener Hood Cleaning. We guarantee excellent workmanship and professional services.



aluminum mesh filters for a range hood

Range Hoods

Range hoods in commercial settings differ from those found in residential kitchens. Instead of being attached to the wall, they are usually suspended from a ceiling and designed with a wide-baffle design for greater air movement.

We at Kitchener Hood Cleaning recommend installing range hoods as part of your kitchen exhaust system for several reasons:

1. They allow for better ventilation, improving air quality in the kitchen.

2. They reduce grease and odours caused by cooking activities.

3. They protect equipment from fire by filtering out grease particles before reaching the fan or motor assembly.

4. They help improve worker safety by reducing exposure to pollution during cooking processes.

When your commercial range hood is riddled with grease, grime and dirt, it is important to clean the system to remove contaminants. The only way to do this right is by hiring Kitchener Hood Cleaning. We deliver the best results in cleaning and maintaining commercial range hoods. We also offer reasonable pricing and a quick turnaround.



ventilation in good working condition

Kitchen Hood Filters

Kitchen hood filters are essential to a commercial kitchen’s exhaust system. They are designed to trap grease, smoke, and odours in the air before they reach the fan or motor assembly. They keep the entire kitchen environment clean, livable, and sanitary. And like all other exhaust system components, the hood will eventually need to be cleaned and its filters replaced. The reason is that it will no longer perform its function when it is covered in unwanted substances.

Kitchener Hood Cleaning allows you to replace your range hood filters regularly. We offer a comprehensive service that includes removing the old filter, installing the new one, and performing an airflow test to ensure optimal performance.

We also provide professional cleaning services for kitchen hoods, motors, fans, and other components.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which filter is best for the kitchen hood?

The best filter variety for kitchen hoods is charcoal. Charcoal effectively filters grease, smoke, and odours from the exhaust air. It is also low-priced and easy to replace, making it a practical choice for commercial range hoods.


How often should range hood filters be replaced?

Depending on the type of filter, you’ll have to replace your range hood filters at least once every six months. High-efficiency filters may need to be replaced more often due to their higher capacity for trapping grease and smoke particles.


Can you replace the range hood filters?

Yes. Kitchener Hood Cleaning offers a comprehensive service for replacing kitchen hood filters. We’ll remove the old filter, install the new one, and perform an airflow test to ensure optimal performance. Contact us for more information.


Do ducted range hoods need filters?

Yes. Ducted range hoods require filters to reduce the grease, smoke and odours that enter the exhaust fan or motor assembly. Regular filter replacements are critical for maintaining a safe and healthy commercial kitchen—especially if you have a ducted range hood installed.


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